I’ve joined Influenster, a site that asks for your opinion on things. I LOVE TO GIVE MY OPINION ON THINGS.

So they sent me some Apple and Eve juice boxes to review. First of all, they were free, which was cool. Secondly, they arrived in the mail, and I adore getting mail. But most importantly, it’s good juice. Kid #1 hates apple juice, but loved the fruit punch and very berry. Kid #2 really loved the apple and apple harvest. I don’t buy juice boxes very often, because I try not to contribute to paper waste, but we did recycle the boxes and straws.

The Apple and Eve products are low in sugar, and they’re a big hit with the kids. As much as I hate packaging, I’ll admit that it’s incredibly convenient. Not something I would do every day, but I will do it on especially hectic weeks.

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